X-Racer X-1 F3 Flight Controller V2 with Frsky Rx and OSD Integrated

X-Racer X-1 F3 Flight Controller V2 with Frsky Rx and OSD Integrated

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The X-Racer X-1 Whoop flight controller is making a return with an all new update. We are always listening to what our customers say and we have made some improvements accordingly. In reality, this is not just a simple whoop flight controller that was designed by us but its more of an FC that has been re-designed by users like you.

This micro whoop brushed F3 flight controller was designed for X-Racer X-1, but it also can be used on those micro quadcopters like Tiny Whoop and Blade Inductrix.


1. The RX connection protocol has been upgraded from PPM to SBUS. With the SBUS protocol, you are able to get a faster response when the micro racer turn around.
2. The integrated OSD (on screen display) is able to show some important flight data on your FPV feed, including battery voltage, current draw etc. You can even use it as a menu to change your quad¡¯s PID, rates, filters and others.
3. Larger MOS ensures a smoother flying with your micro racer. 
4. The DC regulator module has been upgraded for a better loading capacity.
5. Compatible with FrSky & SBUS, USB port ready.
6. Pre-flashed with the latest Betaflight firmware.
7. The binding buttons for the built-in Frsky RX have been updated, more convenient to use.

How to Bind Built-in FrSky RX.
1. Press "Band" to power on the quad, the middle red LED will turn on.
2. Turn on your FrSky transmitter, set the mode to D8, 1-16CH, and then start to bind.
3. After successfuly binding, on the right corner the red LED will start to slowly flash.
4. Re-power on the flight controller, the binding is completed.

How to Bind other RX.
1. Connect the FC to Betaflight.
2. Enter following instruction in CLI: set sbus_invention = on. And then save.
3. The UART needs to choose 3.
(Please take a note that the FC automatically works with the built-in FrSky RX, if you want to use with other RX, please set the CLI before using.)