Skywalker Parachute Landing Umbrella for Skywalker series Planes

  • $74.90

We are offering three kinds of parachutes to meet your special requirements: 3kg, 5kg and 6kg.

The 3kg parachute can be used for general Skywalker planes such as 2013 Skywalker, 2014 Skywalker, 2015 Skywalker and Skywalker 1680 etc.
The 5kg parachute can be used for the flying wings like Skywalker X7 and Skywalker X8.

3kg Parachute
Weight: 150g
Area: 3㎡
Radius: 0.95m

5kg Parachute
Weight: 200g
Area: 5㎡
Radius: 1.3m

6kg Parachute
Weight: 210g
Area: 6㎡
Radius: 1.4m