FY-602 433Mhz Data Radio Station & GCS Upgrade Pack for UAV Remote Control

FY-602 433Mhz Data Radio Station & GCS Upgrade Pack for UAV Remote Control

  • $249.00

Briefly Introduce

FY-602, the Low power wireless module, is used as the wireless data transmission in short distance.

With the small size, weight and power consumption and good stability and reliability, it has the function of bi-directional data sign transmission, test and control.

It is used for Wireless meter reading, such as water meter, electric meter and gas meter, parking meter, intellective card, electronic weighing apparatus, meter for checking on work attendance, queue wireless meter, building control, shipping company control, alarm system, intelligent equipment, Automatic data collecting system; Industrial remote control and remote test building automation, safety and security, powerhouse equipment wireless monitor, entrance control system, etc. It provide the USB power interface to be convenient for the mini computer and PC users if necessary. 

Package included:
- FY-602 Radio x2
- Connect Cable 
- Antenna x2
- 602 Disk

Upgrade Pack Included: (add on July 22th)
- 1* Adapter Board
- 2* FY-602 radio system(433MHZ)
- Cables
- GCS software CD

  Update on July 22th : There are two remote control mode, the default setting for the RC receiver mode.Directly connected to an RC receiver RC mode, selected data transmission with a remote control adapter plate and several transmission radio remote control radio remote control mode ( you need to buy another ground station upgrade package)


1. Ultra low power transmission

    Transmission power: 500mW,

    High receiving sensitivity: -123dbm,

    Size: 63mm*43mm*15mm

2.  Low power consumption

    Receiving current<45mA,

    Transmission current<360Ma,

    Sleeping current <1mA.

3. Saving power model

    FY-602 have three saving power models:awaken from Hardware, awaken from COM Port, awaken from Air;

4. ISM frequency band, not requiring on application of frequency point

    Carrier frequency of 433MHz£¬also capable of 915MHz.

5. High anti-interference and low BER (Bit error Rate)

    Based on the GFSK modulation mode, it adopts the efficient communication protocol. The actual bit error rate of 10-5 ~ 10-6 can be achieved when channel bit error rate is

6. Long transmission distance

    Within the range of visibility, the reliable transmission distance is£¨BER=10-3/1200bps£©>3000m when the antenna height is greater than 3m (BER=10-3/9600bps).

7. Transparent data transmission

    Transparent data interface is offered to suit any standard or nonstandard user protocol. Any false data generated in the air can be filtrated automatically (What has been received is exactly what has been transmitted). The charge time for receiving and sending <10ms

8. Multi-channel and speed

    The standard FY-602 configuration provides 16 channels. to meet the multiple communication combination mode of the users. It has baud rate to be chosen such as 1200bps¡¢2400bps¡¢4800bps¡¢9600bps¡¢19200bps¡¢38400bps. The wireless transmission rate is direct ratio with baud rate of interface to meet user¡¯s equipment requirement. 

9. High speed wireless communication and Large data buffer

    When the speed rate in the air is quicker than interface¡¯s, allowing to transmit unlimited length data at one time, when the speed rate is slower or equal the interface¡¯s, allowing the transmission of 255 Bytes long data frames at one time for more flexible programming by users.

10. Intelligent data control and the user doesn¡¯t need to prepare excessive programs

    Even for semi duplex communication, the user doesn¡¯t need to prepare excessive programs, only receiving/transmitting the data from the interface. FY-602 will automatically complete the other operations, such as transmission/receiving conversion in the air, control, etc.

11. High reliability, small and light

    Single chip radio- frequency integrated circuit and single chip MCU are used for lessened peripheral circuits, high reliability, and low failure rate.

12. Watchdog monitor

    Watchdog monitors the inner function, so it can change the traditional product structure and improve the product reliability.