NEW Xtend-XTP9B DPS 001PIX Wireless Data Transmission Module Kit RF Box

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Xtend XTP9B DPS 001PIX Wireless Data Transmission Module Kit RF Box 900mAh 1W for PIXHACK Flight Controller

– Model:Xtend-XTP9B-DPS-001PIX
– Indoor/city distance (with 2.1db antenna): Up to 900m
– Outdoor/wireless visible distance (with 2.1db antenna): 15-22km
– Sending power output: 1mW-1W(0-30dB)
– Seriel transmitting speed: 10-230, 400bps
– Receiving sensitivity: -110dB(@9,600BPS),-100DB@115,200BPS
– Transmitting speed: 9,600 or 115, 200bps
– Wireless RF transmssion speed: 125kbps
– Working temperature: -40~85 degree C
– Working frequency: ISM 902-928MHz
– Spread specrum: FHSS
– Networking topology: Peer to peer,point-to-point,point-to-multip
– Channel: 10 hop sequences share 50 frequencies
– Encryption: 256bit /128 BIT AES
– Voltage: 2.8-5.5VDC
– Receiving : 35mA
– Certificate: FCC,IC, C-TICK
– Size: 7.5*4.6*1.7cm
– Antenna weight : 24g
– Module weight: 29g
– Shell: 47g
– Total weight: 100g

– CNC XTEND shell, high quality
– 57600 baud rate with flight controller, distance over 20km
– Baseboard with USB port and TTL interface
– Working band ISM 900M, 115.2kbps, with a RPSMA antenna interface
– FHSS technology, transmitting power software adjustable 1mW-1W

Transmit power output 1mW 10mW 100mW 500mW 1W
Power voltage 2.8-5.5VDC 2.8-5.5VDC 2.8-5.5VDC 3.0-5.5VDC 4.75-5.5VDC
Transmit current (5V) 110mA 140mA 270mA 500mA 730mA
Transmit current (3.5V) 90mA 100mA 250mA 600mA N/A

1W high power data transmission module xtp9b-dps-001 has been configured by the manufacturer.

Items included:
– 2 x Data Transmission Module with shell
– 2 x Antenna
– 1 x Connection cable
– 1 x USB data cable