2017 New Mugin 4500mm Plane Platform

2017 New Mugin 4500mm Plane Platform

  • $4,200.00


Friendly Reminder: 
Due to the size of the Mugin line of planes some damage may occur during shipping. Although the damage is usually minor and can be repaired easily, FPVMODEL cannot be held liable for these damages. This note is to inform you (the buyer) of the risk for damages during transport due to the planes being such a large size.

Note: This plane can only be shipped via DHL, please do not choose other shipping methods.


We also provide free design services for the internal structure of fuselage and only the production will be 
charged according to the structure change.


wing area: 180 dm2
Maximum speed: 160km/hr
MAX cruise speed: 120km/hr
Stalling speed: 45km/hr
Minimum speed: 45km/hr
Power£º 0.5 - 1.5KW Motor * 2
Maximum takeoff weight: 28KG
Empty weight: 10kg
Flying Time: Depending on your paticular flying style.
Front cabin size (L*W*H): 560*300*270
Package Size: 1840*500*420

For more information of Mugin UAV, you can also visit Mugin UAV website.