6x15mm Coreless Motor for Blade Inductrix and Blade Nano QX (Speed: Fast)

6x15mm Coreless Motor for Blade Inductrix and Blade Nano QX (Speed: Fast)

  • $1.29


These are powerful motors that works great in the Blade Inductrix, Blade Nano QX, Blade CPX/S. These motors come with plug and 6cm wire, they are better suited to FPV and will be the perfect upgrade for your Tiny conversion. If you are looking for punch and durability, you found it. 

Warning: These motors are too power hungry for the stock packs! You need strong batteries to run these motors at full performance. Suggest use 205mah mylipo pack, and they will deliver a lot of punch and maximum runtime.

Warning: Applies only to the original Nano QX, without FPV. These motors will turn your Nano QX into an insane jaw-dropping pocket rocket, but it will not like hovering! Depending on the battery you use, you will see varying degrees of oscillations (wobble) during hover and slow flight in SAFE mode. Agility mode does not have this problem.


Speed: 14.000Kv
Operating voltage: 1.5-3.7V
Max. thrust: 15g (direct drive)
1.0A load current at 3.7V (direct drive)
Lifetime rating: 5-6 hours
Plug: Micro-JST-1.25
Clockwise: red +, blue -
Counter clockwise: white +, black -
Warning: To maximize performance and life span, please do not run them in reverse! Wire colors are reversed.


Motor diameter: 6mm
Motor length: 15mm
Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm
Shaft Length: 4mm
Weight: 1.8g
Wire length: 60mm

Please note: wire color coding is reversed from the stock motors. Blade has decided to code their motors differently to everyone else in the industry. If you take off, and your Inductrix or Nano QX spins in circles and yaws like a micro frisbee on steriods, please note wire colors are reversed. Your motors are installed in the wrong spots.