D58-2 5.8GHz 2-way 32CH Dual Diversity  Receiver

D58-2 5.8GHz 2-way 32CH Dual Diversity Receiver

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Diversity is the ultimate FPV solution, allowing the end user to use 2 different antennas to provide the very best in range and redundancy. With a Diversity system, you can utilize 2 differing styles of antennas, such as an omni-directional antenna, and a flat patch, panel antenna, which provides you with long range in a very directional locale. With (2) differing antenna styles, this will allow you to expand your FPV range in new ways, providing a more layered FPV experience.

With the Duo Diversity system, your receiver will automatically choose the receiver with the greater signal strength, automatically switching to the best channel that is receiving your FPV video signal. This allows you to use (2) styles of antennas that provide differing signal patterns, which will optimize your FPV experience.

The ultimate 5.8Ghz 32CH wireless audio video solution. These receivers allow you to use 1 receiver for 2 transmitters at the same time. These D58-2 receivers also support "Diversity Mode", meaning one receivers with 2 different polarized antennas or 2 different types of antenna to COMPARE & SWITCH automatically for receiving the best video signal.  It is the ultimate solution when you have two high gain directional antennas or one stock antenna with one high gain antenna installed to a  D58-2 receiver.  In addition, if you have an auto antenna tracker, these receivers are the must for you antenna tracker!

Product Note: Do not power up receiver unit without antennas - by doing so, you will damage the receiver, and this will void warranty in full. 

DS58-2 Features:

*  Dual receiver system with auto switching for best signal clarity
*  Triple, buffered AV outputs
*  Can receive 2 different channels at the same time
*  Not affect by 2.4GHz R/C transmitters
*  AV Receiver with Diversity inputs
*  Small, light weight and durable, with anodized aluminum housing


Video Output: 75¦¸/1Vpp
Audio Output: 10K¦¸/500mVp?p
TV Scanning System: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
Input Voltage: 12V/500mA

Weight: 197g

Dimensions: 76mm x 64mm x 18mm


Including items of D58-2

1 x Wireless 5.8GHz AV Receiver D58-2
2 x Stereo jack to RCA AV output cable
1 x JST Power Core
2 x Stock dipole antennas

To receiver two different channels at the same time (one receiver two transmitters mode)

Mount both antennas on, either the stock ones or yours.
Connect the AV cables to the AV output AV1 & AV2, and connect the antennas,and then apply the power.
Select the channel:RX1 for Rf1 and RX2 for RF2,with different position of the number 1,2,3 names different channels.

operation for Diversity use:

1.connect the AV cables to the AV output:tracker link,and connect the antennas,and then apply the power

2.the Band A,B,E or F frequencies by switch 7 and 8 

3.LED4 for RF1 and led3 for RF2. The LED will be be on when the strongest signal is confirmed.It will automatically switch to the receiver with the strongest signal.


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