FMX250 Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit with PCB Board and LED

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FMX250 is a 250 sized quadcopter with big FPV and night flying fun capability.

This durable, inexpensive FPV multi-rotor platform is perfect for FPV racing or obstacle course flying and at your local field. Now with the built-in LEDs, it is more visible in the night and the day. . If you wish a cool flying, FMX250 is the one you can not miss. Now, the mini quad is also available in ARF combo.

Wheelbase: 250mm
Motor suggest: 1806 KV2300 
Prop suggest: 5*3
Battery suggest: 3S 1300-1800mA
Standard flight weight: 600g

Note: Price for Frame kit only, this product does not include props, ESCs, motors, camera and battery etc.