FY-DOS-A AFSS Inertial Attitude Stabilizer for RC Fixed-wing FPV Control

FY-DOS-A AFSS Inertial Attitude Stabilizer for RC Fixed-wing FPV Control

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- DoS is an aeromodelling balancing instrument designed for a variety of platforms. It is aimed specially at beginners willing to improve their flying skills while enjoying flight safety and ease of operation. Not only it boasts auto-stabilization flight feature and 3D flight mode, but also acts as autopilot if connected with GPS module. Using DoS stabilizer, you can improve your own flight level quickly, enjoy your flight in the air with greately reduced possibility of losing and crashing plane.

- DoS adopted the new integrated sensor; more compact, higher stability
- Integrated 10 degrees of freedom sensor ,Including:
- three-axisdigital accelerometer   
- three-axis digital gyroscope
- three-axis digital magnetometer
- high-accuracy barometer

- The circuit board utilizes 4 layer plate made of materials used for military purposes, to strengthen adsorption capacity£¬ "heavy gold" process is used for welding. The servo interface panel uses support structure similar to JR receiver, more reliable and impact resistance.
-  Every circuit board is tested on Vibration platform before shipment. Low and high temperature tests are also performed. Protective coating is applied to its surface to deal with severe environmental challenges
-  The shell of DoS standard edition is made of Aluminum ,not only has good sense but also have an electromagnetic shielding effect, appropriately increase weight can effectively reduce the vibration influence after installation.
-  We adapted the newest designed frame in program design; it is much more concise and reasonable, making improvement at the Sensor filtering aspect, Effective filtering high frequency vibration, optimize the attitude algorithm, magnetic field correction algorithm, etc., more rapid and simple, performance gets further improved.
-  There are 6 servos input channels and 8 servos output channels in the interface of DoS, GPS module interface, and data radio interface can be connected to FeiYu ground station software (GCS) and OSD module, to expand and meet the future application of fixed wing airplane and multi-rotor copter etc. it supports Fixed altitude and Heading lock flight and circling flight in the case of no GPS.

Functions could be set through software:
- Manual Mode
- 3D Mode
- Auto Stabilized Mode
- Fixed altitude and Heading lock flight Mode
- Auto Return To LaunchMode
- Auto Circling Mode
-  DoS software and hardware are good performance in expansibility, it supports firmware upgrade, along with the new released firmware, it will gradually bright us all kinds of amazingfunctions.

DoS Module:
- Working voltage:4.0~6.0 Volt
- Current:50mA (5V)
- Size:47 x 30 x 11 mm
- Weight: 25g
- Working temperatures: -25¡ãC~ +70¡ãC
- Max rotate speed:¡Ü 2000 ¡ã/s

Package including:
- FY-DOS Inertial Attitude Stabilizer