HENGE 5v/6v/7.4v 8A UBEC 7V-25.5V Input 2-6 Lipo

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HENGE 8A UBEC is an external voltage stabilizer, it works at the Switch Mode. It can obtain the suitable DC voltage from 7©\25.5V input voltage for receivers and other device, and steadily provide 8A current to supply power for receiver, gyro, and multi servos. Therefore, the 8A UBEC is very suitable for large electric fixed wing aircraft and helicopters which uses 4S or more batteries. With this UBEC, you can obtain the power for receivers from dynamic power without equipping independent battery pack for receivers.


- Output voltage: 5V/8A , 6V/8A or 7.4V/8A£¨changeable with a jumper£©£¬Maximum output current: 12A£¨¡Ü15S£©
- Input voltage: 7©\25.5V (2¡ª6 cells Lipo battery pack or 6¡ª16 cells NIMH battery pack)
- Ripple: <35mVp©\p (@8A/12V)
- Size: 45mm*22mm*7.5mm (L*W*H)
- Weight: 16g


1. Designed with an advanced switching power supply control chip with overcurrent and overheat protection function, the max efficiency of the chip is up to 93%;

2. The small size and the light weight make it very convenient to use;

3. Provide large output current, the continuous output current is 8A, and the burst output current is 12A, fully guarantee the power demand of equipment.;

4. Designed with a high quality switching power supply conversion chip, significantly reduce the electromagnetic interference and ensure the receiver works properly;

5. With ultra©\wide input voltage from 7V¡ª25.5V (2¡ª6 cells Lipo battery pack or 6¡ª16 cells NIMH battery pack).