HobbyTiger BC-1S06 Lipo 6 Port Battery Charger Balance Quick

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An 1s lipo for the micro racers like X-Racer X-1 and Tiny Whoop only last for 3 to 5 minutes during the flying. It would be better if you have several extra batteries ready. But for an ordinary USB charger, it is just able to charge one lipo each time. With the HobbyTiger BC-1S06, we are now able to charge 6 1s lipos at once.

Item name: 6 Port Battery Balance Charger
Input voltage: DC 7-30V (12V/4A recommended)
Cutoff voltage: 4.16V-4.24V per cell
USB output: 5V/3A
Charge current: 6*500mA
Dimension: 80x50x20mm
Lighting: charging
Extinguished: completed
Flashing: no battery

Support 6 X 1s Li-po batteries charging at the same time.
High charging efficiency
Energy saving and environment protecting.
Suitable for both charging outside or at home