iFlight iPower GBM5208-150t Brushless Gimbal Motor (GBM 5208) No External Shaft

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Model NO.: GBM5208-150
Weight: 168g
Motor Dimensions: 63x25mm
Stator Dimensions: 52x8mm
Copper wire (OD): 0.27mm
Configuration: 12N14P
Resistance: 10.2 ohms
Wind type and termination method: Star style
Pre-wounded with 150 turns,5.0mm shaft
Flexible Mounting Holes:
  Bottom mounting holes: (3 holes) 32mm center to center,(4 holes)25mm center to center
  Top mounting holes: (2 holes)12mm center to center,(3 holes)17mm center to center
Camera range:  600-1500g
No External Shaft (flat mounting surface)