MFD Crosswind Nimbus Pro V2 1900mm FPV Plane Frame Kit

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This is Crosswind 1900mm V2 platform. In Crosswind V2, the H-stab has been updated to get a better performance while the tail L-R connector is enhanced overall rigidity. In addition to Crosswind V2 classic, MFD has also added a Crosswind V2 FPV version which has modified the Crosswind front nose to a flat deck for camera/gimbal mounting, to better suit your FPV needs.

Crosswind is a new twin motor FPV platform for professional UAV needs. The main wing is updated with a new shape of the airfoil, which greatly improves the lift-to-drag ratio and especially the lift when in low speed. Crosswind’s wingspan is 15 cm larger than that of the MTD 1800 mm while the wing is wider and the fuselage longer.

The extra large interior space fulfills most camera installation requirements. All the main components, such as the main wing, rudders, and elevator adopt a quick release design which makes the plane convenient to disassemble and carry. Crosswind will also be able to land with a parachute. There are a dedicated parachute compartment and loops for fixing the straps.

Due to its modular design, the excellent scalability of Crosswind makes it very easy to upgrade. In addition to the standard fixed wing version, there will be a Crosswind VTOL version launched soon.


  • 1. Wingspan: 1900 mm
  • 2.Body length: 1287mm
  • 3.Height: 394mm
  • 4. Maximum Takeoff Weight: 3.4-6.5kg
  • 5. Cruise Speed: 52-70 km/h
  • 6. Max Speed: 130 km/h

Recommended Parts: (Not included)

  • Propeller: 11×7 prop
  • Motor: 2820 kv595 motors 2pcs
  • ESC: Hobbywing platinum 40A ESC with BEC 2pcs
  • Servo: 17g servo 3pcs + 12g servo 2pcs
  • Power Combo: Crosswind 1900mm Sport Combo

Notice: From 09/23/2019, the MFD Crosswind all changed to new design.

Crosswind V2 Classic Version:

Crosswind V2 FPV version:


Crosswind v2 Classic vs MTD 1800mm


Note: The camera cradles and battery shown in the above pictures are not included in the frame kit.