MFD Mini Crosswind 1600 Plane

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MFD mini Crosswind 1600 FPV Plane is a high-performance EPO plane which is easy to assemble in the field or take apart in one minute.

With proper setup, it can stay in the air for more than 90 minutes and travel for more than 100km. All wings and horizontal stabilizers can be attached/detached to the fuselage in seconds. It can carry HD cameras, professional aerial-mapping cameras or other payloads easily with its huge belly. .

Wingspan: 1600mm
Length: 1070mm
Wing Area: 33dm2
Net Weight: 940g
All Up Wweight: 5000g

You can also choose landing gears designed for mini Crosswind:

We also have the PNP package for this plane:

New mini Crosswind 1600 Plane.
Totally new design for UAV/FPV.
Delivered with 2 nose canopies, 2 belly plates.
Easy to carry. Get ready to fly in the filed quickly.

Note: You need 4 x ES08MD servo to build this plane. 
You can also use 2 servos to drive the elevator.
In this case you need one more ES08MD. (Reverse  version).  (Total need: 4xNormal ES08MD, 1xRev ES08MD)
Or if you are using MFD Crosshair AP which has the ability to dirve 2 ELE-servers in opposite directions. (Total need: 5xNormal ES08MD)