Mjolnir(shark) UAV 2.6m Platform with DLE60 Engine

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Wingspan: 2600mm
Length: 1875mm
wing area: 103.8dm2
Power: Electric or 60cc gasoline engine
Takeoff weight: 25kg
Maximum speed: 120km/hr
Stall speed: 60km/hr
C.G: Backwards 120mm from wing front edge

The planes comes with a DLE60 engine and a propeller. For other parts, you will need to purchase separately.

Electric power parameters:
Motor type: DualSky GA6000.8
Weight: 1090g
KV: 180RPM/V
Maximum power: 6800W
Cruise power: 3500W
Rated voltage: 30-51V ¡¾10-12 Lithium battery
Maximum operating current: 140A
No-load current: 2.3A
Propeller: 23*10
Pull: 17kg


Recommended servos: Savox 1256 x 6