Mugin 4450 Super Huge VTOL UAV-85kg MTOW-25kg Payload

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* VTOL: Vertical take-off and landing
* 85kg maximum take-off weight
* 25kg Payload (after full fuel)
* 7 Hours flight time

The Mugin 4450mm is a heavy lift gas powered UAV. Now here comes the VTOL version. It is an aircraft with the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) function that can hover, take off, and land vertically. No runway needed and much easier to save crash.

Comparing to the standard version Mugin 4450. We have changed the main material from balsa wood to fiberglass and carbon fiber. The fuselage and booms are made of carbon fiber. Much stronger and more durable.

The Mugin 4450 is an exceptionally large aircraft designed for professional use and can be equipped with a full system of advanced control electronics to run in sync with the most advanced ground stations. With a 27L fuel tank, its payload can be up to 25kg. This plane can get most anywhere, and preform most any job related task you may require.


  • Wingspan: 4510mm
  • Length: 3400mm
  • Maximum Width of Fuselage: 375mm
  • Wing Area: 236 dm2
  • Empty Weight: 25kg
  • Maximum Take-off Weight: 85kg
  • Maximum Speed: 170km/hr
  • Stalling Speed: 55km/hr
  • Payload (except tank plane still can load): 20 to 25kg
  • Volume of Fuel Tank: 27L
  • Maximum Flying Time: 7 Hours
  • Equipments cabin size: 920mm x 340mm x 350mm

Packaging Size (3 Cartons):

  • 1900*550*510mm for the Fuselage
  • 1710*760*330mm for the Wings
  • 1590*330*200mm for other Parts

For your easier build, we have a power combo for this Mugin 4450 VTOL. It includes:

  • * DLE 170cc engine x 1 ($150 more for the one with 180W generator)
    * Eaglepower EA120 85KV VTOL Motors x 4
    * Eaglepower 14S 200A ESC x 4
    * Pilot PY-35AH Servo x 2
    * Pilot PW-27AH Servo x 4
    * Tower Pro MG958 Servo x 2
    * Premium 32″ x 10″ Forward Propeller x 1
    * 40*13 Carbon Fiber VTOL Propeller x 2 Pairs