Mugin-5 Pro 5000mm Carbon Fiber UAV Platform

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We always hear to what our customers say, to achieve a longer flight time than the 4450 VTOL, we release a new version of UAV platform with 5000mm wingspan.

The same to latest version of 4450 VTOL,  the new upgraded disc brake system have been added onto the landing wheels, so it is much safer while landing on the runway. We have strengthened the internal ribs and other structures for a longer lifespan. Each boom is now changed to two pieces for easier carry and international shipping.

The 5000 VTOL comes with a Kevlar fuel tank. With full fuel of 27 liters, the estimated maximum flight time is over 7 hours. Its maximum take-off weight is up to 85kg and and the maximum payload is about 15 to 20kg.


  • Wingspan: 5000mm
  • Length: 3500mm
  • Fuselage maximum width: 375mm
  • Wing area: 261.5 dm2
  • empty weight: 33.64kg
  • Maximum speed: 150km/hr
  • Cruise Speed: 120km/hr
  • Stalling speed: 55km/hr
  • Maximum Take-off Weight: 85kg
  • Payload: 15 to 20kg
  • Equipments cabin size: 1000mmx345mmx350mm
  • Volume of fuel tank: 27 Liters
  • Take off distance: 60 meters
  • Landing distance: 85 meters
  • Maximum Flying Time: >7 Hours

Recommended Power Setup (Not included) 

  • Engine: DLE 170cc Twin Gas Engine x1 (Or DLA180, Different Price)
  • Prop: 32×10 High Power Wooden propeller x1
  • Servos: * Pilot PW-48AH Servo x 3
    * Pilot PW-27AH Servo x 4
    * Tower Pro MG958 Servo x 1
    * SC-1256TG Servo x 2
    * 32″ x 10″Forward Propeller x 1
    * AT23D Long UAV Pitot Tube x 1