MyTwinDream 1800mm FPV Plane

MyTwinDream 1800mm FPV Plane

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MFD My Twin Dream 1800

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This is the MFD MyTwinDream 1.8 meter wingspan EPO plane. This plane not only features superb handling, but also quite stable. The interior of the fuselage is large enough to fit most anything you could ever want inside of this amazing aircraft. 

This is an excellent choice for both average and advanced pilots. Featuring the felexiblity of its vast interior space, this is also an excellent choice for professionals. Being a twin design it also offers redundancy in those times of unexpected motor/ESC loss while in flight. Get yours today and enjoy FPVMODELs excellent shipping times and unbeatable free shipping offer on 200 dollars or more. 


  • 1. Wingspan: 1800MM 
  • 2.Body length 1220mm
  • 3.The internal maximum width is more than 13CM
  • 4. The internal maximum length is 86CM
  • 5. Empty weight: 1.1kg 
  • 6. Maximum Takeoff Weight: 4.5-5.3kg 
  • 7. Supply voltage: 4-6s
  • 8. Wing area: 48.6dm2

Recommended Parts (not included)


MyTwinDream 1800 is a multi-platform carrier-based aircraft, and there are video recorder installation platforms (points) (supporting the installation of 2-axis and 3-axis platforms) on the top of both the head and the fuselage

The machine body has giant capacity which can support the mirrorless cameras down installation (the maximum width of inner space is larger than12CM)

Fast disassembly available for the whole plane: horizontal tail/verticaltail/main wing

Main wing (which can be assembled according to your own preference) 1) Divide into left and right segments (traditional)  2) Divide intofour segments with small volume, which is convenient for going out  3) Stick two wings in the middle segment to the fuselage (prepare for the flightrapidly)