Skywalker Mini Plus 1100mm Wingspan Fixed Wing for FPV Beginners

  • $59.99


* Updated on 07/29: Only red version is now available in stock. Please note that the red version now comes with head protection cover, but it is without landing gear. 

New to flying wings? Are you a seasoned pilot who just needs something that is fun to fly? The Skywalker Mini Plus is your aircraft!

Unique polishing technology, better appearance and flying performance.Using new high-rate EPP material, more resistant to crash comparing to the same level EPPs in the market.

1100mm wingspan. With the design of high-lift long-flow airfoil, the flight efficiency of Skywalker Mini Plus is better than most other fixed wings of similar style. It is very stable in low-altitude flight, also performs great during high-altitude gliding.

Using square carbon fiber tubes as the spines of fuselage wing, the aircraft is not easy to be deformed. With the characteristics of EPP material, the aircraft is light yet strong.

If you are a multirotor pilot who is getting started on the other side of the hobby, you will find that, most motors that you are using on the racing quads now can be used also on the fixed wings with the electroplated L-type aluminum alloy motor seats. The motors and ESCs can be quickly replaced, much more convenient for maintenance.

Compared with the same-scale model, the cabin space is larger, and you can even install a battery that exceeds the model ratio!

The drawer design of aircraft makes it easier to replace the equipment. The slab pan/tilt is placed on the top of plane head, effectively avoiding the damage from installation of the camera.

There are two ways to take off and landing: Gliding (Need landing gears) and hand throwing.


  • Wingspan: 1100mm
  • Length: 790mm
  • Material: High rate EPP
  • Wing Area: 5.2 dm2
  • Weight of Empty Frame Kit: 390g
  • Weight of PNP: 480g
  • Maximum Take-off Weight: 650-850g
  • Maximum Flight Time: 25-40 Minutes
  • CG (Center of Gravity): 42mm behind wing front

Needed to Complete (Not Included)

  • Motor: 2212 KV2200
  • ESC: 40A
  • Servo: 9g x 4
  • Propeller: 6040
  • Battery: 3S 2200mAh
  • Transmitter: 4CH, 6CH