Super Huge Mugin 4450mm UAV Platform

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The huge you can’t image, latest version MUGIN 4450mm super huge UAV in stock now, offers you a super cool flight experience.

The Mugin 4450 is a heavy lift gas powered UAV. This aircraft is capable of carrying a wide variety of payload configurations and offers extended flight times. The Mugin 4450 is an exceptionally large aircraft designed for professional use and can be equipped with a full system of advanced control electronics to run in sync with the most advanced ground stations. With a 27L fuel tank and the additional load carrying capability of 20kg. This plane can get most anywhere, and preform most any job related task you may require.

Another new feature of this airframe is that, we added the disc brakes onto the landing wheels, so it is much safer while landing on the runway. (Added on 03/03/2020)


  • Wingspan: 4450mm (Different batches might have a slight difference)
  • Length:3670mm
  • fuselage maximum width: 375mm
  • wing area: 225.6 dm2
  • empty weight: 27.96kg
  • Maximum speed: 170km/hr
  • Cruise Speed: 120km/hr
  • stalling speed: 55km/hr
  • Payload(except tank plane still can load): 15 to 20kg
  • Equipments cabin size: 920mmx340mmx350mm
  • Volume of fuel tank: 27L
  • Take off distance: 60 meters
  • Landing distance: 85 meters
  • Maximum Flying Time: 6 to 8 Hours

Recommended Power Package (Not included) – US$1950.00

  • Engine: DLE 170cc Twin Gas Engine x1
  • Prop: 32×10 high power wooden propeller x1
  • Servos: SC-1256TG x9


New Model with Disc Brake System:


Old Model