Swallow Electric UAV 2600mm FPV Plane

  • $729.00

  • Fuselage Length: 1970mm
  • Wingspan: 2645mm
  • Wing Area: 82.6 sq dm
  • Empty Weight: 3300g
  • Take-off Weight: 9000g
  • Flight time: Depending on your paticular flying style.
  • CG Position: 10-15mm back from middle of the place that the wing attched to the fuselage.
  • Fore Hatch Size (L x W x H): 230*140*110 mm
  • After Hatch size (L x W x H): 205*118*110 mm
  • Main Hatch (L x W x H): 205*118*110 mm
Material: The fuselage material is fiberglass. The wing and horizontal tail are made of wood.  Tail pipes and landing gear are made of carbon fiber.

RECOMMENDED PARTS (not included): 

  • Motor: 4855/KV400
  • Propeller: APC16*8E  
  • ESC: 60-80A 
  • Battery: 6S (20000-30000ma)
  • Servos: 4 Servos (Larger than 3kg)
Note: Propeller and Paddle cover are not included.
Friendly Reminder: 
Due to the large size, some damage may occur during shipping. Although the damage is usually minor and can be repaired easily, FPV Model cannot be held liable for these damages. This note is to inform you (the buyer) of the risk for damages during transport due to the planes being such a large size.

Note: Due to the size of the plane. Some countries only can shipped via DHL and need to fullfill the price difference. Please make sure you understand and accept this before purchasing, thank you!