18S 10-75V DC Power Switch / Anti-Spark Module

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This power switch is an 18S 300A anti-spark device that utilizes Infineon low on-resistance MOSFETs in a parallel configuration to ensure sufficient current capacity redundancy. The aluminum alloy PCB composite structure enables it to sustain high current loads for extended periods.

The copper material undergoes a tin-plating process to effectively prevent the corrosive effects of galvanic action between copper and aluminum. It is compact, lightweight, and high-performing, making it easy to install, and it can control multiple circuits for medium to large-sized equipment.

Recommend it to use electric powered UAV, like EV350 and Mugin 2930.

Maximum DC voltage: 75V
Minimum DC voltage :10V
Maximum passing current: 300A
Internal resistance: 0.2mΩ
Physical specifications: length 82mm (including terminals), width 37mm, height 19mm
weight: <105g
Product features: low internal resistance, high current, no contact, small size, anti-spark.
Control mode: positive pole through, negative pole controllable
Application scenarios: drones, unmanned ships, unmanned vehicles, low-voltage high-current DC appliances