Please read the FAQ prior to contacting us to ensure you receive the most prompt help possible. 


A: More often than not your package is most likely still en-route to your destination. Often, it's just simply a delay in hand off times from EMS to USPS and waiting for USPS to update their tracking along the journey. Unfortunately, sometimes the updates can even take a few days before updating. If you encounter a situation where you have not received an update after 5 days, contact us, and we'll help you get to the bottom of the mystery. We're all at the mercy of the postal system in situations like this and we can understand any feeling of frustration. Especially considering that you may be in a rush to get those specially parts for your build that's most definitely gonna over take any boosted board you come across but your patience is much appreciated. 


Q: I need to cancel my order or make a change to it.

A: Please use the link in your confirmation email to do this. If that link does not work then the package has already been shipped and you will then have to make a return or make another order. 


Q: I received a DOA (dead on arrival) item, or something about it isn't working.

A: It's not often but it can happen. We hate DOA items and do our best to ensure that those items never make it to your door but occasionally mistakes do happen. We've got you covered. If a DOA item does make it to your door, please do not send us an email stating that item was DOA and you need a replacement. This world has some shady characters in it, and unfortunately they do not always no how to solder or wire properly. If your item is DOA simply take a few pictures showing the faults...short videos are even more helpful, then simply include the proof in a email that you send to our customer service staff to get you taken care of in the most efficient and time saving manner.  If the item is in fact DOA we'll do our best to get you covered and have a replacement sent as quickly as possible. Sometimes the DOA item many need to be returned so we can show it to the factory and ask them what's up but if that's the case we'll cover the return shipping cost. 


Q: Can you provide technical assistance? I have a question.

A: Of course, this is what we do and it's why were here. Contact us and let us know what you may need help with. By working together we should be able to get you up and moving on your new means of transportation within a very short amount of time. 


Q: Can I return some of these items I ordered?

A: We accept returns on new and unopened items for store credit. If it's a defective part then we'll replace it but if you buy a product open it and attempt to use it then we cannot accept a return on it. Also returns need to be made in a speedy manner of no less than 30 days. If you buy a product in October and want to return it in July, we're unable to help at that point. 


 Q: I cancelled or modified an order. When will I receive those funds back in my bank account?

A: If your payment was made with paypal then it will be there almost immediately, it it was made through your bank then it may take a few days. We don't particularly care for the way most banks take their time either but unfortunately we've all got to deal with them on their terms.