CUAV HV_PM High Precision and High Voltage Power Supply Module

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CUAV HV_PM module is a new high voltage power supply module independently developed by cuav, which supports higher input voltage, more accurate current and voltage detection, and supports higher power output current.


Major function:

  • 1) Provides 5V voltage output and maximum 5A current to the flight control power supply
  • 2) Detection of current voltage output analog signal to flight control
  • 3) Detect current system current output analog signal to flight control

Because the maximum detection voltage of pix flight control ADC is 3.3, so the maximum can only support 60A current detection. Its use is very simple. It is very simple for you to use. The chip is facing you, the battery on the left is connected to the battery, and the signal line on the right is the load (motor motor) 6p, and the signal line is inserted into the power interface of the flight control

Package Included:

voltage current *1