T-motor MS8014 KV180 Position Locking VTOL Motor

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Mugin UAV has joined forces with T-motor on a new design of motor that they've been working on. These motors are squeezing some higher thrust ratings at lower throttle and have another not so hidden secret, stop the VTOL propellers parellel to the booms while cruising.

Motor braking allows propellers to align with the booms. This feature gives a more appealing UAV appearance while improving aerodynamic performance.

Overall they preformed very well on Mugin EV350 during our flight tests. VTOL take off was about 47-49% throttle at a touch under 20kg and props stayed in position during flight as expected.

Now these T-motor MS804 180KV Position Locking Motor have been widely used on Mugin 2930 VTOL, Mugin 4000 VTOL and EV350. They have been proved with great performance.