Power Package for Mugin-3 and Mugin-4 VTOL UAV

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For your easy build of Mugin-3 and Mugin-4 UAV platforms, we have prepared this powerful power package. Before releasing, we have tested them to make sure all parts are matching well with each other.

In order to ensure the excellent performance, we use the well-known and reliable brands only. This power package includes:

Customized T-motor 170V (VTOL Motors) x 4
Customized T-motor 180A ESC x 4
T-motor G29″ Propeller (Pairs) x 2
Premium 21″ Wooden Pusher Propeller x 1
Savox SC-1256TG Low Profile Digital Servo x 5
Savox SC-1251MG Low Profile Digital Servo x 2
Long Pitot Tube x 1
Hobbywing 25A UBEC x 1
Build Kit (wires, nuts, connectors etc) x 1

* The parts listed might be changed a bit based on the stock availability, but will be replaced with the similar specifications and same performance.

This power package is suitable to use on the VTOL UAV models of below: