Aero Swift 10“ FPV Quadcopter

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Aero Swift: The Agile, Efficient, and Lightweight 10-Inch Quadcopter

Introducing the Aero Swift, our 10-inch quadcopter, tailored for enthusiasts and professionals who seek a lightweight, agile, and efficient flying experience. This drone is a fusion of advanced technology and exceptional design, capable of providing stable and responsive control in various flying conditions. Whether it's high-speed flying, precision photography, or leisurely aerial explorations, the Aero Swift is your ideal choice.

Included Components

  • Frame: 10-inch carbon fiber frame, lightweight yet robust.
  • Motor: Four A3115/900KV motors, ensuring robust propulsion.
  • Flight Controller: F405 flight controller, for unwavering stability.
  • ESC: 50A BLS ESC, for efficient power distribution.
  • VTX: 1.3G-800mW VTX, ensuring long-range and clear video transmission.
  • Antenna: Cherry2 SMA-J RHCP5.8GHz Extended Antenna, 75mm length, 2.6dbi gain.
  • Camera: Ratel2 1200TVL Camera, for high-resolution imaging.
  • Propeller: Gamfan 7035 propellers, two pairs, for optimal aerodynamics.
  • Battery Strap: Heavy-duty straps, 20*400mm, securing the battery firmly.
  • Receiver: ELRS 915MHz RX receiver, for reliable long-distance communication.

Technical Specifications

  • Standard Payload: 3kg
  • Maximum Payload: 3kg
  • Endurance: 10 minutes (3kg payload), 18 minutes (1.5kg payload), 23 minutes (no-load), all at cruising speed with a 6S 8000mAh battery.
  • Max Speed: 142km/h (3kg payload), 150km/h (no-load).
  • Cruising Speed: 55km/h
  • Maximum Flight Time: 20 minutes (battery operating mode).
  • Diagonal Size: 67 cm.
  • Weight: Frame - 0.7 kg, Battery - 1.3 kg.
  • Video Channel Radius: 3000 m at h=300 m.
  • Control and Telemetry Channel Radius: 7000 m at h=500 m.
  • Maximum Range: 3000 m at h=500 m.
  • Maximum Altitude in Airfield Conditions: 2000 m.

Aero Swift is not just a drone; it's a testament to agility, efficiency, and lightweight design in the skies. Designed for those who seek an extraordinary flying experience, it's your perfect partner for ambitious aerial missions and breathtaking explorations.