Mugin-4 Pro 4000mm H Tail Full Carbon Fiber VTOL UAV Platform

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This is the newest 2023 edition of Mugin-4 Pro 4000mm H-Tail Full Carbon Fiber VTOL UAV Platform. It is a shell but with infinite possibilities. Here are some features comparing to previous version:

  • Each boom is divided into two pieces for easier carry and international shipping.
  • Booms and internal ribs all have been strengthened for longer time use.
  • Built-in VTOL motor mounts with 5 degree offset angle.
  • It is easy to change the aircraft to octocopter configuration.

We are always listening to what our customers say, and make the improvements accordingly to meet what our customers needs. The Mugin-4 Pro 4000mm is designed based on the Mugin-2 Pro 2930mm. With the same fuselage, but the wingspan has been enlarged from 2930mm to 4000mm. The longer wingspan means the cruise speed will be reduced, and the flight time will be increased.

The same to Mugin-2 Pro 2930mm, the new Mugin-4 Pro 4000mm is made with full carbon fiber. Much stronger and durable than the fiberglass versions. This UAV platform is made in mold to make sure the replacement parts are the same.

Mugin Pro are the aircrafts with the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) function that can hover, take off, and land vertically. No runway needed and much easier to save crash comparing to the standard fixed wings.

If needed, the aircraft can be changed to octocopter design for a safer flight.

* Price for empty airframe only, the pictures of fully setup below are for reference only.

Wingspan: 4000mm
Length: 1900mm
Wing Area: 122dm²
Payload Bay: 560mm x 210mm x 185mm

Weight and Payload
Empty Weight: 8.26kg
Empty Weight with ARF Package: 17.6kg
Maximum Take-off Weight: 28kg
Payload Capacity: 5kg

Flight Characteristics
Cruise Speed: 23m/s
Maximum Speed: 30m/s
Stall Speed: 20m/s
Maximum Flight Time: 5 Hours (Gasoline Powered), 2 Hours (Electric Powered)
Range: Restricted to Flight Time

Packaging Information
Shipping Dimensions of Package: 159cm x 52cm x 40cm
Package Weight: Volumetric Weight of 67kg