DLA180 180cc EFI UAV Engine with Starter and Alternator

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This DLA 180cc UAV engine is good for larger fixed wings and VTOL UAVs. It has been proved working great on Mugin 6000 VTOL.

Its crankcase, crankshaft and central screws are all made of high performance materials with CNC processing method. With beautiful appearance, high-precision, drop resistance, fatigue resistance, good stability and strong power performance, it has obtained good reputation from the users. 

Now this DLA180 UAV engine comes with EFI version with starter and alternator. EFI engine is much more advanced in many aspects, including higher power, oil-saving, low noise, not easy to extinguish, only ignition for one time. The ECU is able to automatically adjust the ignition time, fuel injection volume and idle control according to engine temperature and altitude.