DLE 120CC TWIN UAV ENGINE With 14V 80W/180W Power Generator System

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The DLE120 now can be with 80w or 180w power generator system. Please let us know which version you would like.

Power generator systems designed to supply 14V 80W or 180w power for equipment inside or integrated with UAV. For long endurance UAV, power supply is very important for all the equipment inside. Complete DLE120CC UAV engine includes complete engine hardware, and power generator system. (Production time: 5 days for pre order only)

Twin-cylinder power and efficiency

The DLE-120 delivers 50 pounds of static thrust more than enough power for intense 3D maneuvers. Twin opposed cylinders reduce vibration and engine wear and increase performance. Mufflers, standoffs and electronic ignition boost performance even further. The DLE-120 delivers the most punch at the lowest weight and the lowest price of any engine in its class. Pick up the DLE-120 and fly with performance confidence.

Performance Data:
Power: 12hp at 7500rpm
Idle: 1300rpm
Static Thrust: 26.5kg at 100 Meters 23.5kg at 1800 meters
Displacement: 120cc
Bore and Stroke: 47mm x 35mm
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Engine Weight: 2310 gram
Mufflers : 220 gram
Ignition: 170 gram

Fuel: 2C Regular Gasoline mixed 30:1 – 40:1 (Mineral based for break-in, 40:1 quality synthetic thereafter)
Propeller: 27×10, 26×12, 27×12, 28×10 (2 Blade), 25×12;26×10(3 Blade)
Ignition Battery: 4.8 – 8.4v (max) >= 1200mah
Replacement Spark Plug: NGK CM6 or equivalent
Plug Gap: 0.018″ to 0.020:
Installation Torque: 7 to 8 ft-lbs

DLE120CC 80W Generator parameters:
1700 RPM Output 12V 2.5A
2500 rpm output 13V 5.5A
3000 rpm output 14V 6A

DLE120CC 180W Generator parameters:
1700 RPM Output 12V 3A
2500 rpm output 134V 12A
3000 rpm output 14V 13A 180W