CAME-TV WAERO Duplex Digital Wireless Foldable Headset with Hardcase 4 Pack

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A smart and affordable digital wireless headset system from CAME-TV. 4 headsets per kit. They have been pre-paired out of box.

This wireless headset system can be linked up to eight headsets. Pivoting microphone arm rotates up to mute the microphone and donw to allow for talking. There are no wires, allowing for hands free communication in noisy envorionments.

The CAME-TV Waero Wireless Headset can be widely used in FPV field. For a set of 4 headphones, it can be used for a team in FPV Racing. The four headphones can be equipped for the pilot, technician, navigator and manager for an easier communication.

FPV Model is the sole agent of CAME-TV Waero Wireless Headset in FPV industry. Excellent customer service and technical support is guaranteed. 


  • The battery style is the NB-6L style and normally it is easy to purchase locally.
  •  The headset is is foldable.
  • Comes in a durable hardcase.
  • Move the microphone arm up to mute and down to talk.


  • Standard: DECT technology, GAP compatible
  • Range: 984ft (300 Meters) open space
  • Talk Time: 12-15 Hours;
  • Channel Bandwidth: 1.728MHz
  • Modulation Type: GFSK
  • Transmission Speed: 1.152 Mbps
  • Duplex Operation: Time Division Duplex (TDD)
  • Speech Coding: ADPCM transcoder supports up to 8 duplex 32kbs channels, fully compliant with ITU G.726
  • Frequency Bands: 1.78-1.93G