DLE 60cc EFI UAV Engine w/ Starter & Alternator

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DLE60 now comes with the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injected Engine) version. This EFI engine adopts a parallel-bar horizontally opposed design, which provides higher reliability and power for the drone, and at the same time solves the common shortcomings of two-stroke engines. The newly designed fuel pump has self-priming ability and adopts closed-loop pressure control to precisely control the fuel pressure without returning to the fuel tank. It also provides RS232 communication protocol to obtain engine operation data in real time.

DLE60 EFI User Manual

Items Included:

  1. Engine with Intake Assembly
  2. Engine Control Unit(ECU)
  3. Engine CDI
  4. Fuel Pump
  5. Fuel tubing
  6. Main Wire Harness
  7. Engine Assembly Hardware
  8. Operation Manual

Technical Data:

  • Idle: 2300 RPM/M
  • Max RPM: 7800 RPM/M
  • Thrust: 15KG/100 Meter Altitude
  • Propeller Range:22X10;23X8;23X10;23X12;24X10
  • Spark Plug: CM-6


  • Displacement: 61cc
  • Compression Ratio: 7.6:1
  • Lubrication Ratio: 40:1
  • Weight of the Main Engnine: 1900G
  • ECU: 110G
  • Fuel Pump: 180G
  • CDI: 160G
  • Power Waste:12V/4W/2000RPM, 12V/12W/6000RPM