Electric Power Package for EV350

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For your easy build of EV350 VTOL UAV Platform, we have prepared this electric power package. Before releasing, we have tested them to make sure all parts are matching well with each other.

As per our internal tests with two Tattu HV 32000mAh 6S 10C lipos, the flight time can be up to 3 hours with this full electric setup:

Zero Payload: 2:58 Hours
1kg Payload: 2:45 Hours
2kg Payload: 2:30 Hours
3kg Payload: 2:15 Hours

The main parts in the power package includes:

  • Forward Motor: Dualsky XM6360 190KV x 1
  • Forward ESC: Hobbywing 100A 12s HV x 1
  • Forward Propeller: 21″ x 1
  • VTOL Motor: Eaglepower UA90 150KV x 4
  • VTOL ESC: Hobbywing 80A 12S ESC x 4
  • VTOL Propeller: Eaglepower UC2480L 24″ Propeller x 4
  • Savox SC-1256TG Servo x 2
  • Savox SC-1251MG Servo x 2
  • Savox SH-0263MG Servo x 2
  • Long UAV Pitot Tube x 1
  • Build Kit  (See the items in the list below) x 1

Recommended Batteries: Hongdian 30000mAh 660wh Solid State Lipo x1  or Tattu HV 32000mAh 6S 10C x 2  (Not included, Need to Purchase Additionally)

Items Included in the Build Kit

Description QTY
Center Wing M6*45 Quick Release Screw 2
Center Wing Quick Release DB25 Connector 1
Boom Quick Release 6-Pin Connector w/Power 2
Aileron Quick Release DB15 Connector 2
Elevator Quick Release 6-Pin Connector – Green 2
Boom Tail Quick Release PAG 6-Pin Connector 2
Quick Release 25-Pin Clip 1
Quick Release M2.4*10 Mounting Screws 25
320A Power Distribution Board 1
M3*8 Nylon Standoff for PDB Installation 4
M3 Nylon Screw for PDB Installation 4
M3 Nylon Nut for PDB Installation 4
HW25A Regulator Module 1
4# Banana Head 15
Red Metal 25T Servo Arm for Elevator 2
Black Metal 25T Servo Arm for Aileron 2
Servo Arm for Rudder 2
AS150 2
8A Red & Black Silicone Wire (2m Each) 2m Each
10A Black Silicone Wire  2M
12A Red & Black Silicone Wire (6m Each) 6m Each
Servo Extension Cable 20M
Shielded Cable 3m
Screw for VTOL Motor  
M4 Gasket for VTOL Motor 20
M4*30 Screw for Pusher Motor 5
M4*20 Aluminum Standoff for Pusher Motor 4
M4 Gasket for Pusher Motor 12
Pusher Motor Mount 1
4mm Conduit Sleeve  10M
10mm Conduit Sleeve  10M
Ø2 Heat Shrink Tube 2M
Ø12 Heat Shrink Tube 1M
Ø5 & Ø6  Heat Shrink Tube (0.5m Each) 0.5m Each
5*2.5 Airspeed Hose 2M
3m Glue 2
Male & Female Servo Clip 15
Cable Clamp 20
Male & Female XT60 2
Wooden Center of Gravity Board 2
6-Pin Fixed Plate (w/ 2 M3*8 screws) Round Head for Vertical Tail 2
Rubber O-ring for Vertical Tail 4
Carbon Board Internal Structure w/ Screws 1
3D Printing Cover 1
Airspeed Tube Base (2 M3*10 Screws w/ 2 Nuts) 1
M3*20 & M3*12 Screws for Quick Release Propeller Seat 20
Quick Release Propeller Seat  2

* The items listed above are subject to change without notification.