Tarot 5.8G FPV Telemetry Antenna Set TL300K

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TAROT 5.8G FPV 3/4 leaf A/V Tx Rx Wireless Antenna TL300K

Item includes:

5.8G 3-leaf antenna for TX*1  (¦µ33x82mm) 7.8G 

5.8G  4-leaf antenna for RX*1  (¦µ33x82mm) 8.3G

Circularly polarized Omni antenna made with pure copper, silvering feeder and RP-SMA connector to avoid signal attenuation, ensure the excellent performance. Light weigh design makes it 7.8g only. The 90 degree connectors ensure the antenna perpendicular to the ground.

 Transmitting frequency: 5800MHz
&nbsnbsp;Tx Antenna: 3-leaf
 Rx Antenna: 4-leaf
 Gain: 2.0dBi-2.5dBi
 Standing-wave rate: <1.5
 Direction: Omni antena 
 Horizontal lobe width: 45¡ã
 Vertical lobe width: 45¡ã
 Polarization mode: circularly polarized
 Impedance: 50¦¸
 Connector: 90 degree RP-SMA
 Material: 98% pure copper
 Feeder: silvering copper anti high temperature cable
Suitable for:
 TAROT Mini 200/250/300 quadcopters or other similar FPV machine.