FPVModel Becomes Sole Agent for CAME-TV Wireless Intercom Headset

Posted by LeiRoy on

Waero Duplex Wireless Intercom Headset is a smart and affordable digital wireless headset system from CAME-TV. They have been pre-paired out of box. The new system can be widely used in FPV field or UAV applications for team communication.

This wireless headset system can be linked up to eight headsets. Pivoting microphone arm rotates up to mute the microphone and donw to allow for talking. There are no wires, allowing for hands free communication in noisy envorionments.

FPV Model is the sole agent of CAME-TV Waero Wireless Headset in FPV and UAV industry. Excellent customer service and technical support is guaranteed.

For the details of CAME-TV WAERO DUPLEX WIRELESS INTERCOM HEADSET, please check the product details at https://fpvmodel.com/products/came-tv-waero-duplex-digital-wireless-foldable-headset-with-hardcase-4-pack

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